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I am furious

I've just completed a job which, while extensive, should have been pretty straightforward. I say "should"; it would have been if the last electrician who worked on the house had been anywhere near competent.

When I began work in the house, I found more safety issues than I like to think about. The two worst were;

Seven (yes, SEVEN!) cables, including a cooker cable, all crammed inside a length of trunking that was only big enough for two or three at best. When I separated out the cables, the ones at the back were warm to the touch!

Inside the consumer unit, I found three circuits connected into one breaker. That's bad enough but before I even put a screwdriver to the breaker, two of the live wires lifted straight out!

To be honest, I'm actually amazed that the homeowners hadn't had a fire years ago.

Things like this make me so angry, not to mention ashamed on behalf of every competent electrician out there. Things like this are the reason that Part P was introduced, and why you should always use an Approved Contractor.

I wonder how many other bodge jobs the last guy perpetrated and how he sleeps at night?

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