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Cables in Walls

With the Easter Bank Holiday weekend approaching, a time when many people tackle DIY projects, I thought it would be a good idea to offer some advice about cables buried in walls.Supposing, for instance, that you're putting up some new shelves; you're going to need to drill into the wall to fix them up. Be very careful to make sure you're clear of any cables that might be running inside the wall.

As a general rule, buried cables run vertically into sockets or switches on the wall, usually coming down the wall, so make sure you don't drill directly above a plug socket or a switch.

That's only a general rule, though; I've seen far too many examples of cables being run outside these "safe zones." As an example, a friend of mine who's a non-electrical tradesman had to call me out a few days ago after he drilled through a cable that was running up the wall at an angle. He was a very lucky man - the main supply fuse blew before he suffered what could have been a fatal shock.

My advice to you is, check carefully before you drill into a wall. The best option is to check with a cable detector, just in case there are any cables in unexpected places. They only cost about £15, which is nothing compared to your life and safety.

Remember - Electricity Can Kill.

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